【SEA】Children's room lights

包装长*宽*高:49.00 * 49.00 * 13.00(CM) 毛重:3.000(KG)

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  • 上架时间:2020-10-23
  • 颜色: yellow/Three-color variable yellow/Levelless Dimming light yellow/White/Warm
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Product Features

1. Using the most advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED chips, low energy consumption, long service life, good color rendering and high brightness; 

2. Metal+Aluminum+Acrylic, beautiful and practical, light and stable structure, easy to install; 

3. Good light transmission, strong heat resistance, strong and durable, anti-corrosion. 

4. The light is bright and comfortable, close to natural light, and eye protection is more healthy. 

5. 220V/50HZ/  26W /  32W   

6. Applicable space size:    8-12/12-18㎡

Product Details



Light color:White/Warm &Three-color variable&Levelless Dimming light

Product Size:40*40*8/50*50* 8

Product Weight:2kg/3kg

Package Size: 49*49*13/59*59* 13

Package Weight:3 kg/4kg

Package Include:

Parts and installation tools

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