NATO Razor Wire Helical Wire Roll Galvanized Steel 197'

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NATO Razor Wire Helical Wire Roll Galvanized Steel 197'

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包装尺寸 长: 43.00cm 宽: 42.00cm 高: 11.50cm 包装重量 5.100kg


  • Made of high quality galvanized steel
  • Wire length: 197' (stretched), 56'-66' (coiled)
  • Coil diameter: 11.8"
  • Razor distance: 0.63"
  • Razor size: 0.9" x 0.6" (L x W)

This Nato razor wire, suitable for all types of outdoor use, is a perfect choice for protecting your fields and property! Made of high-quality galvanized steel, our razor wire is weather-and-water resistant, therefore ensuring a long-service life. This sturdy Nato razor wire, which can be spreaded up to 197', is designed to help prevent unknown invaders effectively. When in use, the coiled wire length can be 56'-66'. The razor wire can be winded around the property fence to add extra security and safety. And the design of blades keeps unwanted guests out of your property and avoids mischievous intrusion. Please check your local laws and seek professional help or advice before starting any installation of this product.