Shower Door Tempered Glass 31.9

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Shower Door Tempered Glass 31.9

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  • 颜色: 黑色
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包装尺寸 长: 105.50cm 宽: 76.50cm 高: 8.00cm 包装重量 21.950kg


Bring an air of industrial aesthetics to your bathroom with this modern shower door! It offers exquisite styling with premium materials to create a minimalist shower partition that not only looks great but functions beautifully.

The shower door features 5 mm-thick safety glass which is supported by heavy-duty aluminium frame, so you can be sure that the structure is strong once mounted. The adjustable profile make it easy to fit any bathroom size and layout. The stainless steel handle, featuring sleek design, adds industrial charm. Additionally, the shower partition is easy to clean; all you need to do is wiping away those annoying water marks!

The shower door is easy to assemble.

  • Color: Transparent (glass) + black (profile)
  • Material: Tempered ESG glass (screen) + aluminium (profile) + stainless steel (handle)
  • Dimension: (30,7" - 31,9") x 76,8" (W x H)
  • Frame 1,2" adjustable in width
  • Tempered glass thickness: 0,2"
  • With zinc alloy pivot
  • Easy maintenance
  • Splash-proof