【CS】男士专用美发椅高端可放倒理容椅 黑色HC222B 补货中

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【CS】男士专用美发椅高端可放倒理容椅 黑色HC222B

Men's Hairdressing Chair High-End Reclining Chair Black

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包装尺寸 长: 49.00cm 宽: 46.00cm 高: 36.00cm 包装重量 26.000kg


Product Description

Here is our Men's Hairdressing Chair High-End Reclining Chair, it can give you a sense of comfort and satisfy every hairdresser's needs. With a heavy construction, it can withstand up to 200 pounds of load. Soft PVC leather surfaces and ergonomic design ensure ultimate comfort. Back seat can provide an extra comfortable sense of your client. Versatile and easy to use, it will suit all needs at the barber shop. And it's easy to clean. Quality assurance, affordable price, absolutely worth your investment. Click order!

Product Features

1. Adjustment easier
2. High-density sponge to make your clients more comfortable
3. Back seat can provide an extra comfortable sense of your client
4. Can be rotating, lifting, put down
5. Easy wiped

Product Details

1. Main Material: PVC Skin, High Density Sponge, Iron Plating Chassis, Aluminum Alloy Foot Pedal
2. Color: Black
3. Backrest Size: 48 x 45 cm
4. The Seat Size: 52 x 48 cm
5. Height of Seat Cushion Above The Ground: 62cm
6. The Pump Stroke: 11cm
7. Dimensions: (44.09 x 26.77 x (48.03-52.36))" / (112 x 68 x (122-133))cm(L x W x H)
8. Weight: 105.82lbs / 48kg
9. Load Bearing: 440.92lbs / 200kg


Package Includes:
1 x Back of a Chair
1 x Oil Pump
1 x Foot Pedals

1 x Cushion
1 x Chassis
1 x Oil Pump Housing

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