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LC2 Sofa-Double seat

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  • 颜色: 黑色
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包装尺寸 长: 132.00cm 宽: 72.00cm 高: 70.00cm 包装重量 33.000kg

Product Description

【Multi scene】Whatever in living room, lounge, club,Reception room, etc. it always could provide you a relaxing time.

【Solid Structure】The frame is made of high-quality solid wood, and the polishing and drying process makes the wood more durable.

 ·Welded with high-grade stainless steel tubes and mirror polished, ensure stability in daily use.

【Features】Except the back and bottom is PU leather, human contact surface are genuine leather. highlight the elegance.

High-density sponge filling, moderate hardness, durable, breathable and elastic. It is not easy to collapse and not tired to sit for a long time.

 ·The bottom of the sofa is inserted with a cross shaped nylon elastic belt. Both ends of the elastic belt are fixed with L-shaped hooks, which are stable and reliable.

 ·Classic black, elegant and mature, the high-grade design reflects your refined fashion taste.

Product Details


      Stainless steel frame/High-quality first-layer cowhide/PU leather/Sponge/Silk wadding/Solid wood frame


   Product size:52" x 28.3” x 27.5"

   Armrest Height From Seat: 9.5"

   Floor To Bottom Of Sofa: 17.2"

   Depth of seat: 21"

   Height of seat back: 26.7"

   Width of seating area between arms: 44.2"

Colour: Black

Net Weight: 59.5 lbs

Weight Capacity: 1500 lbs.

Fixed Seats

Fixed Cushion(s)

No need to install

No warranty service is provided.

Package size:52*28.3*25.5 inches

Gross Weight :72.7 lbs

No. of Package(s): 1

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