【SEA】Louis Comfort Tiffany Chandelier, dining room chandelier, dining room lamp

包装长*宽*高:47.00 * 41.00 * 27.00(CM) 毛重:4.000(KG)

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  • 尺寸: 30CM 40CM
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Product Features

Tiffang  art five advantages

1.Never change color:Tiffang art glass is fired from a special,light hand-made lampshades will never fade,even for decades.

2.Do not melt:The texture of stained glass and ordinary galss are not the same,the simplest way to judge is to use fire on the surface of the glass,glass is unable to burn melting.

3.Made by hand:Tiffang's lampshades are handmake,hand-painted in shape and then welded in pieces of stained glss with tin wire.

4.Add protective oil to lampshade:Tiffang's lampshades are processed with protective oil to enhance the color and make the glass more smooth ang beautiful.

5.easy clean:Tiffang light decoration surface is smooth,lamps in the clean is just need to use a rag on the surface to dust.

Product Details

Package Include:Parts and installation tools


Packing Size: 47CM * 41CM * 27CM/57CM * 57CM * 28CM

Product weight: 3.2 kg/4 kg 

packing weight: 4 kg/5 kg

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